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The VIONIZER is highly recommended for individuals and professionals who are:

  • having panic disorder
  • with PTSD
  • phobic
  • anxious
  • under distress
  • upset
  • feeling blocked
  • highly creative and need to refresh their mind
  • often feeling fed-up under the burden of the daily rhythm
  • willing to improve their ‘common mental functioning’
  • responsible and in charge of serious and complex tasks/projects, both in their careers and personal lives



The treatment always depends on concrete needs. It could be short-term, long-term or periodical.
General instructions to be followed:

  • Use it whenever you need it
  • Always follow the procedure (steps)carefully
  • Start with less difficult issues and expectations at the beginning and proceed gradually
  • Do not analyze anything during the treatment; just let yourself go with the positive flow
  • Enjoy the moment
  • Absorb the positive effects



The appropriate use of VIONIZER can enable real improvement in treatment of panic disorder, phobias, general anxiety, restlessness, acute and chronic (working) stress, burn-out syndrome, decreased mood, energy imbalances and deficits, psychosomatic disorders (increased blood pressure, tachycardia, vegetative visceral reactions, endocrine and psycho immunological imbalances), insomnias,  psychic pain, lack of motivation and blocked creativity.

The VIONIZER is not recommended for individuals who suffer from manifest or latent severe mental disorders!