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The VIONIZER is an audio-visual program which induces optimal brain synchronization. This unique innovation is a self-help virtual product, composed as an interactive multilevel mind & body re/set program (InInSHDevice). Scientifically founded and patented, it is easy to use, enabling at the same time strong healing and artistic experiences. After several minutes of optimal use, you will feel completely different!!



The technology of the VIONIZER is based on the following seven principles:

  • Creative visualization
  • Triple sensation (visual, audio and body)
  • Reprocessing (cognitive, emotional, visceral and behavioral)
  • Brain synchronization (mind-body)
  • Energy release (positive flow)
  • Self-healing
  • Aesthetic pleasure

This program has been created according to the latest knowledge in neurobehavioral science, as well as the well-proven therapeutic methods of mind-reprocessing (EMDR) and authentic experiences in healing art. It is also strongly connected with years-long experience in the successful treatment of stress-related and anxiety disorders.



Each type of the VIONIZER contains a video and an audio part.

The visual part consists of selected energizing colourful images which sway and move in an appropriate rhythm focused on the inducement of desirable positive effects.

The audio part contains especially designed tones and frequencies which are adjusted to the visual sequences, focused on inducing the desired effects.  At the same time, these scientifically approved frequencies and tones make one more receptive to healing influences.

There are two phases incorporated into the VIONIZER:

First Phase – ‘Purification’

This is a specially created programme with the purpose of ‘mind & body purification and reprocessing’. Any mental contents which are blocking, burdening or repressing one’s optimal mental functioning will be  ‘cleaned’ through the correct use of this programme.

Second Phase – ‘Energy’

The appropriate use of this programme will enable one to experience fulfilment with natural energy (life and spiritual), to feel the joy of life.